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Charmaine Dunmow BSc. (Hons) Counselling and Personal Development in Saffron Walden

Nature Site. moon

The creative process in nature...

What has emerged from Covid 19...

Now, alongside my private practice, The Saffron Walden Therapy Room, I am pleased to be able to offer a second site 'Gaia'.

This is my new project, a walking and talking site set on the edge of the Suffolk, Essex border. The site consists of a 2 acre meadow with additional woodland to care for. There is no denying this site certainly has tested me at times, there have been some big boulders on route, however, one year in, it is ready in its raw sense and has already welcomed some fellow travellers.

I come here to work, explore, observe wildlife, meditate and reflect. It is a nurturing space.

I work with people on a one to one basis here but I am now also offering small group workshops. Together we can learn more about ourselves in relationship and this enriches our experience. This part of my work incorporates nature and healing with the arts. These workshops provide an opportunity for discovering different aspects of our own inner creative process so we can become more aware of our own unique psychological and physiological space within.

Here there is a desire to be curious.

Nature is a powerful healing force. When we connect with the outside world we are reminded of who and what we are. Creating form from deep within our soul can have a profound effect on our own individual healing process.

Here is a place to experience and be present with the World Soul.

Nature Site. Yurtone

The Story 2021...

My yurt. This is my shelter from the elements. Being in a round space is a unique feeling. The circle symbolises wholeness.

The skies here are big! There is a real sense of freedom and I am growing to love this site more each time I visit. The paths have now been cut and I am about to tackle the woodland.

Nature Site. Field1

The landscape is always changing. When I first came here the woodland was sparse and I was confident finding my way through. Now I have had to tie ribbons to the trees as it is dense and I can no longer follow the landmarks. Creating pathways is my next essential job in the woodland.

Nature Site. wf


The soil here is sandy and it drains well. I have sourced wildflower and meadow seed from ancient sites and having tested a sample, I am soooo delighted with the results. I have much to do and this year I will sow a small amount around the yurt. But first I need to hire a digger and dumper (again!) to take off existing layer. The blackberry bushes are like Triffords clawing towards my space. Unfortunately some will just have to go. This will also be a chance to dig a small water hole. Phew ... it feels like it is never ending.

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